Introducing our new blog, BRUUG GIRLS!

We have so many beautiful girls that model for us, and we thought it would be pretty cool to share their stories. Its important to remember a girl is way more than what you see in an image, and we want to share that with you. We have come across so many girls that represents a 'Bruug Girl' to a T, basically a girl that not only works hard, no matter what that might be; her job, uni or being a boss in general but also plays hard too. 

We can't wait to share some of their stories and help inspire all you amazing women! 

Have a read and if you're interested or know someone who would be interested in shooting with us, we'd love to get to know more of you wonderful humans. You can email us at


Instagram: @shambizzle


We did our first shoot for this segment with Shamaya in May and we asked her a few questions to learn more about her:  

Q: When and how did your interest in modelling begin? 

A: "I started last year, when my friend was doing her make up coarse and she asked me to be her model for her shoot. One of the lecturers then found me, and asked me to do a shoot for her, and then from there I got a few more shoots including the @moutainandmoon (shout out to those babes) and went on from there." 

Q: You mentioned you were at uni, what are you studying at the moment? 

A: "I'm studying Political Science and International Relations, with a double major with French" 

Q: Uhm Insane. Why French in particular? 

A: "I started learning French in year 6, loved it ever since and did exchange in year 11 for the whole summer school holidays, where I stayed 10 minutes out of Nice. I'm hoping to go back in July!". 

Q: Do you have a particular style icon or trend that you're currently into? 

A: "My go to always is Rhianna and SZA... SZA at Met Gala, she honestly looked like a goddess! I love that she doesn't try to be anyone but herself".

Q: We want to use our brand as a platform for a broader representation of races within the fashion industry, and we know you yourself are mixed, can you tell us what your heritage is? 

A: "My mum was born in Singapore, but she is Portuguese, Scottish, a range of things really and my dad is Indian Malay".

Big shout out to Shamaya for being a part of this shoot, where she wore the Contru Dress, Nice For What Slip and Wienkle Sweater, go check out these products to see more pics of this angel. 





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