How #BruugGirls Do Race Season

In case you didn't realise, Race Season is now and truly upon us. Whichever race event you enjoy, whether its the Cox Plate or Oaks Day, or perhaps the Race That Stops The Nation is your favourite of them all, whichever may be your preferred horse race, it's vital that your outfit is on point. Vital. Very, very vital. I mean, let's be honest, are we there to watch the horses race anyway? We sure as hell aren’t. Nope, we're there to people watch and to nod at all of the girls who have successfully pulled their beautiful outfits together so well. Don't try and tell us otherwise, we know you agree.

But, with so many race events and so many dress codes, how the bloody hell do we know what is suitable to wear? Well, here at Bruug, thankfully we're in the know (sometimes). So we've put together a little How To guide, helping you find out exactly what to wear to Melbourne Cup Day, the Cox Plate and Derby Day. Whether your track-side with the fillies, or on the rooftop of a building in the middle of the city sipping your cocktail watching the race on the big screen, our guide will help. We promise!


What: Cox Plate 

When: Saturday 22nd October

Dress Code: The dress code for the Cox Plate has been updated to reflect modern fashion.

That being said, this type of dress code really leaves the door open to a whole lot of outfits. However, we recommend keeping it classy, playing with colour, or perhaps mixing things up a bit; think jumpsuits, high-waist pants teamed with a top, or a two piece ensemble featuring a fitted skirt and top combination. This Cox Plate race day, we'll be in neutrals! Boring? Nah, we don't think!


 Dress: Rockefeller Dress

Heels: 1975 Triple Strap Heel

Millinery: Geraldine Beats


What: Derby Day

When: October 29th 2016

Dress Code: Black and White

Derby Day is all about monochrome, classic and elegant black and white outfits... oh and we think that there might be a few horse races on throughout the day, too. Derby Day is famously known as being one of the most sophisticated fashion events in the race calendar. At Bruug, we think that Derby Day fashion is all about minimalism. It's not about over-doing it, it's about keeping it simple. Wearing your favourite LBD with a modern millinery head piece. Smart, fun and elegant. This Derby Day, we'll be in;

Dress: Bruug Oltenia Dress

Shoes: Triple Strap Point Heel

Millinery: Matea Crown by Studio Aniss


What: Melbourne Cup

When: November 1st 2016

Dress Code: Modern Fashion

Known as the Race That Stops The Nation, Melbourne Cup Day is truly one of the most exciting dates on the racing calendar. What we love best about it, is the dress code is quite open for individual interpretation. If you love wearing colour, go for it. If you like to wear floral, yep, you can. This season, there is loads of colour out there to choose from. Choose a colour that best represents the features you currently possess. If you're a brunette, go for khaki or red colours, and if you're a blonde, have some fun with pastels. This season, colour is modern, it’s fun and we love it because it means we get to have a break from black pieces in our wardrobe (Sorry black, we still love you, we're just seeing other people/colours right now. It’s only temporary. We swear). Turn heads in our pick for Melbourne Cup;



Dress: Uprising Dress

Shoes: Anarchy Heels in Nude

Millinery: Ambrosina headpiece in pink


We hope that we've helped you find the perfect outfit! Don't forget to hashtag your Bruug outfit this race season #BruugGirlsDoItBetter

Tash & Jess


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