Mitico by Josh Rowdon - Tryptic


After the success of Josh Rowdon's 'Carmilla' print in store, we commissioned Josh to work alongside Tash Butler to create a print that told the story of the collection and then would later be printed onto key pieces in the collection. 

Guanajuato, Mexico and the paintings of Frida Khalo initially inspired BRUUG's latest collection, also setting the palette and themes for 'Mitico'.

A blend of Scandinavian minimalism and Mexican iconography, 'Mitico' was produced to embody the collections namesake 'Nina Negrita' ('Strong Woman').

"Starting on the left hand side of the page I doodled his way across it, not knowing what was going where or even when to stop. Luckily, the Art Gods were looking down on me and it came out really organically". 


'Mitico' can be purchased in a 3 piece tryptic, or as individual sections.  

Pop in to #BRUUG On Oxford to see this amazing print as an amazing piece of art or printed onto some of our favourite pieces in the collection. 


*These prints are all A4 and sit perfectly in an A3 frame with a mount.

**Each individual print is $45 or $125 for the complete tryptic. These prices do not include a frame.

***Contact us at if you would like information about frames for your new prints! 


You can check out more of Josh Rowdon's work below:  




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